iPad 4 by mid 2013

The launch of the iPad Mini will not change substantially the annual standard Apple development since late spring, would market the iPad 4 in April, as reported by Asian suppliers.

Apple iPad 4

In addition to new engine SoC, the new iPhone connector, new operating system or increase storage capacity with SSD of 32 GB as a starting point, the real workhorse Apple for next iPad 4 would greatly increase the mobility and autonomy of the device.

This is testing new materials and design to make it lighter and thinner, and new higher capacity batteries.

But the main work would be for display panels. Panels that could be supplied by Sharp and impressive technology IGZO with similar or greater resolution than Retina and less consumption in iPad 4.

It is also rumored inclusion of a stylus own style of Samsung S-Pen used in Galaxy Note. Another change would be to use an image resolution to an aspect ratio of 16:9 compared to 4:3 today in iPad 3.

Now we will tell you. There is still time. The new iPad is selling like hotcakes and the iPad Mini guaranteed position in the sector of economic tablet. So, iPad 4 future is also secure because people believe Apple is Apple which bring something new every time.

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