iPad mini 2 to hit market in Christmas?

iPad mini 2Apple has started the sale of iPad min in November 2012 and the sale was on the role, however if the latest reports are to be believed then Apple has changed its focus from selling iPad mini. The reason could be that Apple would like to reinforce its resources to work on the next version of the iPad mini. Rumors are on high that Apple is going to launch the iPad mini 2 towards the end of this year. 

Users are not very happy with the iPad mini screen resolution which is relatively low. i. e. 1,024 x 768 and would like Apple to increase the resolution at least 2 times. i .e. 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Apple is likely to fulfill user’s wish with a sharper display that fits into the same 7.9 inch screen. Many retailers in USA like Wal-Mart and Best Buy have slashed the prices of iPad mini by 30% giving indication that the new model is about to arrive. 

iPad mini 2

With the images that were leaked during February, it seems that the iPad mini 2 will come with a silver casing on its back side with Apple logo in light blue color. The casing seems to be thicker as compared to the iPad’s earlier version giving a hint of having Ratina display. Apple’s earlier devices with Ratina display do have some extra width and hence could be the possibility. In fact, Apple should have incorporated the Ratina display in its earlier version to bring in the 2048 x 1,536 pixels resolution and could have silenced its critics but it seems apple was in hurry to launch the iPad mini that time. As rumours suggest the iPad mini 2 will be bulkier and the screen will have Sharp IGZO display. 

iPad mini 2 case

AU Optronics (AUO), the manufacturing company of the current iPad mini LCD panels was struggling with mini screens and the Retina display could add more to their worries. However Apple might ship the iPad mini 2 with two different variants, one with and other without the Ratina display. This could help Apple to sell iPad mini 2 at a lower price. 


Since the likely release date of the iPad mini 2 is during Christmas, user would expect better deals and Apple could sell the product at much chipper price as against the iPad mini sold at $329 when it was launched. We would expect the price to be around $249. Let’s see what Apple will offer extra in the iPad mini 2 to attract more users and also bring the price down.

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