iPad mini integrates the Apple A5 SoC in 32nm, lower power and heat generated

In one of the last cuts of iPad mini have left evidence of the chip that plays the new tablet from Apple. The company had already announced that it was the Apple A5 integrated in iPad 2, for example. However Chipworks has found that it is a new variety, manufactured in 32nm, 45nm compared to the Apple A5 original.

iPad mini

Apparently this chip enables lower power consumption as well as a lower heat generation, which is important in a 7-inch device.

This was all regarding the latest chip of iPad mini which confirms that it has Apple A5 but new A5 which is smaller in size as compare to previous generation A5 and produce less heat and works on lower power.

iPad mini

Soon we will publish the review of this new smaller Apple iPad mini and we will compare with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, among others and then you will able to choose the perfect tablet for you.

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