iPhone 5: A new sensor to determine your mood

The next Apple iPhone 5 could be equipped with a sensor that can sense your mood.

iPhone 5 mood sensor
Usually, the buzz about Apple products is largely devoted to design. For the iPhone 5, it is based on all functions as original as each other. After a fingerprint reader, the latest rumour involves a sensor of emotion.

When you hold your smartphone, it will detect your mood by measuring the temperature and humidity of your fingers and your heart rate. Depending on your state (stressed, happy, sad, euphoric, restless …), it will offer applications. We look forward to testing the unit one morning in a bad mood for how to approach the day.

Predict the weather with Siri

The humidity sensor may have other functions like weather forecasts. If he feels that the bottom of the air is fresh, Siri not forget to encourage you to take an umbrella. And, during a heat wave, the app will remind you voice drink or a hat? As recently stated by the owner of Foxconn, “the iPhone 5 will bring shame to the Galaxy SIII”.

If it succeeds, it will more than iOS 6 aesthetics, which must nevertheless evolve as the public expects. However, the rumour of a new sensor concerned clients historic brand that have accessories designed for current sensors. Will they retool or Apple offer its proper adapter?

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