iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S in Battery Backup

The battery is one of the Achilles heels of the current smartphones and Apple has put a lot of you to optimize this in iPhone 5, which as you can see in the video notes. Here we have brought the test results of iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S in battery backup.

iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S

The test was conducted by following these things. We wanted to make a demanding task and therefore downloaded Big Buck Bunny 720p H.264 format and after charging the battery to 100% played it in full screen mode loop 4 times, adding a time of 39 minutes.

The brightness of smartphones was on automatic and fluorescent light was there and in were office environment, so the iPhone screen brightness was medium-low.

iPhone 5 was able to play the video in full 1080p with fluency, iPhone 4S did not have enough power to display, on very high bitrate (845 Mbytes for less than 10 minutes of video). So, it was chosen the video in 720p resolution.

Conclusion: This time in the test it was found that, iPhone 5 is able to offer more performance for consumption slightly lower than its predecessor in video playback.

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