iPhone 5S is taking fire: Specs & Features

Only been a few months since the release of the iPhone 5 and rumors and the first images of what would be his successor, has started spreading all over the web, in this case we are talking about iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S

Some source says the images correspond to a prototype of the next iPhone 5S (already in production of the first models of testing) by the serial numbers and the willingness of some plate screws.

At this point it is impossible to know if what we see in the images correspond to the future Apple smartphone or is it a prototype iPhone 5, or directly a fake that abound on the Internet of our loves.

It does seem to be agreement between the major media in advance of the arrival of the seventh generation of iPhone versus standard calendar launch in autumn.

iPhone 5S

Already iPhone 5 has broken few of the benchmark records, if Apple has something more then of course iPhone 5S will break the records and according to the revealed information this time it would be quad-core processor boasted by 1GB of RAM plus improvement in camera but the size of the phone will remain same. Battery will also be better, but nothing can be confirmed as it is just a rumor.

This was all regarding the Apple iPhone 5S smartphone which is passing thought the production phase, soon we will hear something officially from Apple but it may takes months also.

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