iPhone 5’s trip to the home of the end user: 32,341 km

In the past few weeks many people has received their ordered iPhone 5. No doubt this latest generation iPhone is featuring power and many new impressive features. We have already published the complete review of this device you can we aware if you are not aware about its features, specs and performance.

iPhone 5

If you have received your iPhone 5, did you thought from where it comes from? How much distance it has covered before reaching you? What was the exact trip of this flagship? You know what are the process and the path that an iPhone 5 before reaching end users? It all starts with the design and creation of software for the same. After that you get all the materials and start the assembly of the same … If you want to know the rest of the way you can see the following infographic created by source Mobile Madhouse:

 iPhone 5


This is the way that how this iPhone 5 reaches to you, isn’t it interesting and have you thought the same?

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