iPhone 6 expected features

In 2012, Apple Inc. took the wraps off the long awaited iPhone 5 with its revolutionary features. A thinner, lighter, faster and smarter iPhone was a great build by the US technology giant. What next? The next iPhone is expected to be released sometime in July 2013. It may be iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. What is being talked about a lot is ‘What’s in the kitty’?

iPhone 6- Retina Display

Apple products have been known for eating up the sales of their predecessors, but the US technology giant plays a different move this time. Keeping the screen size as that of the older one, Apple will come up with the 4-inch Retina display. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook believes that the 4 inch screen gives enough clarity and is easy for single -handed operations.

iPhone 6


IGZO technology

Along with the state-of-the-art Retina display, the new iPhone is expected to have a super HD camera and a substantial internal storage of around 128 Giga Bytes. There have been rumors about Apple introducing Sharp’s IGZO technology that would give the users and eye pleasing experience of clear and crisp picture. iPhone 6 display has a density of 330 ppi whereas iPhone 4 has just 240 ppi. Not only that, but IGZO screen display makes it even lighter yet tougher than other displays. The battery consumption is considerably low.

Finger Print Sensor

What else? Fingerprint Sensor! The new iPhone is rumored to have engineered with an advanced finger print sensor making it even ‘Smarter’ and secured. Why do you think did Apple buy the Samsung’s latest smartphone security partner, AuthenTec in July 2012?

iPhone 6 FingerPrint sensor
Finger Print sensor

A7 processor

This was all about the look and feel of the new iPhone. But what is it that makes it faster and cooler? The faster and smoother, A7 processor is least that iPhone 6 is expected to have. Wireless charging is another feature that many other smartphone manufacturers have already introduced. Why is Apple lagging behind? Apple may amuse it’s users with this feature is its new release. The amazing thing about iPhone 6 is, surprisingly, it is going to be cheaper than expected. Let’s wait and watch for the big hit in the market this Monsoon!

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