iPhone 6 Specs: Would It Surpass Samsung Galaxy S5?

The release of the latest version of the iPhone has always been something that is highly anticipated especially in the gadget world. A new version means new features and exciting new possibilities. Apple has always managed to find a way to make developments to the newest versions. The iPhone has been the revolutionary smart phone. It is the ultimate gadget for business applications and any other functions. It has a myriad of features that make it the best selling phone in its category.

Samsung Galaxy is the biggest competition to the iPhone. Samsung has just recently added the S4 to their Galaxy brand. The Samsung Galaxy is the one smart phone that has come close to taking over the iPhone. There are speculations as to the release of the S5 which is said to be even better than the last version. The technology on the Samsung Galaxy has proven that it is a worthy competition to the iPhone. The S4 is outfitted with a quad-core processor and this means that the S5 will be better.

We are talking about having at the very least, an 8-core processor for the S5. The memory capacity is also expected to increase. It not yet clear when the S5 will be released but it will be sometime in the year. If the iPhone 6 comes out later than the S5, it will definitely surpass the S5. Releasing the iPhone 6 later than the S5 will give Apple the chance to gauge what the customers expect. Apple will aim for a device that will fulfill all expectations in the tech world.

Seeing as the iPhone 5 has the iOS 7, the iPhone 6 may come with the iOS 8. The new iPhone 6 may also include a slightly different design and better performance. It may also come with a 16-core processor. The iPhone 6 is also expected to have a bigger screen than previous versions.  The iPhone 6 will have features that will impress smart phone users. Known for their unique technology, Apple will definitely come up with something better.

As much as Samsung provides promise to offer their best smart phone yet, the iPhone 6 is bound to give it a run for its money. The iPhone 6, with all its features and specs looks like it will surpass the S5. These two giant smart phone manufacturers will leave consumers spoilt for choice with their latest versions of the brand smart phones.

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