IRIS began selling portable scanner IRIScan Anywhere 3

IRIS Company announced the release of a portable scanner, called IRIScan Anywhere 3. This device allows you to scan documents and photos, even without access to a computer that can be claimed when travelling.

IRIScan Anywhere 3
Introduced new product IRIS Anywhere 3 is able to scan paper documents, receipts, business cards, photographs and any other information on paper. The model can be used without connecting to a computer, it contains built-in battery that provides battery life without access to a computer or electrical outlet (battery capacity is sufficient for up to 100 scans). This device has a fairly compact size and small weight. New product provides users with easy to use. To scan a document need only to place it in the output tray, and then begin an automatic scanning process. Scanned document can be stored in digital form in the internal memory of the scanner installed on the SD card or plug USB-flash drive. Further documents can be transferred to the computer from the internal memory by simply plugging the scanner IRIScan Anywhere 3 to the computer using a cable USB, supplied. This is Compatible with PC-based Mac and PC.

Scanner IRIScan Anywhere 3 is already available for order from the manufacturer for about $200.

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