Japanese researchers have implemented a wireless energy transmission through the concrete

A group of Japanese researchers from Toyohashi University of Technology have achieved impressive results in the project for the wireless transfer of energy and showed them to the exhibition Wireless Technology Park 2012 in Yokohama, Japan.


In particular, the scientists were able to realize the transmission of electrical energy through a solid obstacle, according to Tech-On. In this case, it is a concrete block 10 cm thick moreover current power was quite decent – 50-60 watts.

Electricity is transmitted to the modified car wheels, connected to the electric light bulb, demonstrating that the system works. The leitmotif of this study is to establish a kind of electrified roads, thus able to nourish and recharge the car. Of course, researchers have yet to solve many problems, because in reality for the effective operation of such a system is required to transmit power by about a hundred times more, but they are enthusiastic. Already, the effectiveness of the method is 80-90%.


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