JEDEC has announced the final specification of DDR4 memory standard

JEDEC organization announced the release of the final version of the specification standard of RAM Synchronous DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4). This standard will achieve improved memory performance, increase its reliability, and reduce energy consumption.

DDR4 memory

The new standard of DDR4 offers implementation of a number of innovative features that will introduce a high speed and wide applicability of the memory modules in various areas, including server systems, desktop computers, notebook computers and consumer electronics. At the initial stage of implementation of the performance level of DDR4 memory for each contact will be 1 6 GB per second. The maximum possible value can reach a level of 3.2 GB per second. However, in the future, this parameter can be revised upward. DDR4 memory for a minimum frequency of 2133 MHz, 1000 MHz frequency exceeds the minimum memory of DDR3. The working voltage of a new type of memory is 1.2V, while the modern DDR3 memory running at a standard voltage of 1.5 V, DDR4 memory architecture allows for the implementation of the 8-bit pre-fetch data (8n prefetch) with two or Select groups of four blocks of memory. This allows devices to perform independent operations activation, read, write and update data in each unique group of memory blocks. This will be achieved overall efficiency of the memory.

The new standard of DDR4 memory is available for download from JEDEC.


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