Jelly Bean update for Asus Padfone: Confirmed

Yes you are one of the lucky ones who is holding an Asus Padfone, now you will be doubly fortunate as Asus confirms the update of one of the best devices in its range and especially of the most complete. Yes, Asus has confirmed the Jelly Bean update for Asus Padfone.

Jelly Bean update for Asus Padfone
It seems that manufacturers are taking the proximity to the user very seriously as the latest news updates from the manufacturers have been confirmed by their twitter accounts and answers to questions asked by users. Whatever the case may be, meets and Asus does not disappoint (unlike HTC) and now one of the best devices to come out of your business (hopefully also update the other).

And we can only get rid of praise about the Asus Padfone the only Android device we can say that can resemble a laptop for its “dock” keyboard that can transform the tablet into a real working environment with the convenience, it provides a keyboard physical and increasing the loaded battery when connected. All this will be improved when in its veins flows “Jelly Bean” to increase its safe yield, and significantly improve the device with all the new elements that brings the 4.1. Jelly Bean update for Asus Padfone is really a great news.

So go ahead, do not hesitate if you want to buy a tablet, whether you’re an advanced user or an initiate Android gaits, this device will not disappoint and also thanks to the new update will not be outdated by now what it says it will continue being one of the banners of Android on tablets along with other great models like the range Galaxy Tab or the new Samsung Nexus Google. So, be ready for Android Jelly Bean update for Asus Padfone.

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