Jolla Sailfish OS: Features

Earlier this year, former employees of Nokia have created a startup Jolla, which will further the development of the mobile operating system MeeGo. The new company includes former representatives of the Department MeeGoo in Nokia and key staff involved in the development of this platform. Later Jolla representatives announced their intention to release a new operating system Sailfish OS, based on MeeGo.

Sailfish OS
As planned earlier, on 21 November as part of a special live show in Finland developers Jolla showed the Sailfish OS. Of the original demonstration is possible to draw some conclusions about the functionality of the mobile operating system. Thus, the home screen does multitasking menu. It provides access to applications and notifications. According to the developers, is a multitasking operating system, it allows multiple applications to run in the background. The user can interact with them directly from the desktop. The interface of Sailfish OS was designed so as to provide quick access to the necessary capabilities with a minimum amount of action with a touch screen. The developers also note that many applications written for OS Android, you can run at the Sailfish without having to make changes to them. However, some applications still require improvement.


Jolla representatives also said that they have entered into several agreements that will enable them to bring to market the Sailfish OS. Among the partners of the company called ST-Ericsson (provides chips for future smartphones), DNA (the third largest Finnish operator will provide support vehicles as they become available.) In the future, will be announced and other partners. Sailfish OS expected in the second quarter of 2013.

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