Jolla will release mobile Sailfish OS based on MeeGo next spring

A few months ago it was reported that former employees of Nokia decided to create a startup Jolla, which will further the development of the mobile operating system of MeeGo so called Sailfish OS. Also plans to start-up were listed intention to start manufacturing smartphones on the platform.

Sailfish OS
The new company includes former representatives of the Department MeeGoo in Nokia and key staff involved in the development of this platform.

Now it became known that employees of Jolla already have something to show to the public. So, for the next month are planned to demonstrate the new user interface of Jolla Sailfish OS. Demonstration to be held in the conference to be held in Finland on 21 and 22 November. It is noted that the user interface of Jolla is part of a new mobile operating system, Sailfish OS, based on MeeGo. According to the assurances of the company, the operating system will be the Sailfish available for licensing to third parties of smartphones in the late spring of next year. Despite the fact that the previously stated intention to do yourself and release smartphones based on MeeGo, this time Jolla company did not mention any proper hardware. With regard to the technical specifications of hardware smartphone operating system Sailfish OS, then information about them should be expected towards the end of the year – Christmas Eve.

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