JVC DLA-X55R Projector with 1080p D-ILA imaging: Review & Performance

Last year there was DLA-X30 from JVC which was followed by DLA-X35. The DLA-X55R carries forward that legacy with JVC’s e-shift2 added. This brings a 4K-like (3840×2160) viewing quality even while using the full-HD resolution 1080p D-ILA imaging panels.

D-ILA is essentially short form for Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier which is JVC’s proprietary flavor of LCOS. Note that X55 is not a native 4K projector.

The way it creates a 4K feeling is by using standard 1080p source and interpolating another 1080p frame on top of the first one which is shifted half pixel up and to one side.Thats why it’s a quasi-4K projector and not a native one.

JVC’s DLA-X55R has unbelievably great black level at $5000 price point

“How black is black” is how videophiles see quality of a projector. When you start the projector, the picture quality gives great black levels right from the point where the JVC logo appears.

However, with this projector you will get better results by having better ambient light control in the room. Some people use projector in their living room where you cannot control the light. With this projector, do consider sparing a room where you can have better blinds and low ambient light. The picture quality will be best in these conditions.

JVC DLA-X55R Projector
JVC DLA-X55R Projector

Other useful features:

X55 has a powered adjustment of 2.0:1 zoom lens. Which means, you can get a 100″ diagonal 16:9 image from a distance between 10′ 2″ and 20′ 4″. It also has a vertical and horizontal lens shift. This gives great placement flexibility and you can use it either in a room converted into a temp home theater or even a dedicated one. The weight of X55 is 15.1 kg, so ceiling mount will be a good option.

3D Capability

X55 is a Full HD 3D projector which can display full HD 3D images from various sources with optional emitter and glasses (projector does not include either emitter or glasses in the mentioned price).

The glasses use RF synchronization, so a line-of-sight connection between glasses and emitter  is not necessary.

The projector can also be used with earlier JVC 3D emitters and glasses, which had infrared (IR) synchronization.

JVC DLA-X55R Projector Ports
JVC DLA-X55R Projector Ports

Customization possible

There are 5 user modes and 3 color temp settings. You can have the usual various settings like daytime, night, sports, photos set to your calibration choice. It also has a manual iris has sixteen stops.

Summary of JVC DLA-X55R specs

Resolution:      1920×1080

Technology:    D-ILA

3D:                  Full HD 3D

Contrast ratio: 50,000:1

Lumens:          1200

Weight:           15.1 kg

Aspect Ratio:  16:9

Lens:   2x powered

Lens Shift:      H + V

Lamp Life:      3,000 Hrs / 4,000 (in eco)

Connectors:  Component, HDMI 1.4a (x2), Network, RS232, 12Volt Out


– Price. It’s obviously not very cheap

– It’s not native 4K

– You will need to use it where you have better ambient light control

– There are multiple complicated menus and options. Although some people might think this is a plus.

– Fan noise when in high power


+ Fantastic black level

+ Great picture quality

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