JXD S603, Chinese copy of the Wii U console with Android system

Well, when it comes to Android, now it is not limited only to smartphones and tablets, we have seen other Android running strange devices like Nexus Q, other than this Android has also reached to game consoles and here we have another best example JXD S603 Android gaming console moreover which is copy of famous Nitendo Wii U but in a smaller version.

JXD S603 gaming console

The Chinese industry is an expert in the “low-cost copies” of successful products, as we all know, but usually they are expected to reach the market.

This time it was not so, and JXD firm specializing in imitation consoles, introduced in mid-month JXD S603, apparently a “copy” of the control / tablet Wii U governed by the Android operating system.

Of course, there are differences between the two devices, the most obvious being the 4.3 inch screen of JXD S603, 6.2 inches compared to the Nintendo controller. I could not fool anyone minimally informed, and certainly not intended, but … I recommend seeing it live:

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