Kindle Fire 2 – Dual LCD and E Ink?

A patent application shows where Amazon can get the shots in the strategy of e-commerce giant in their e-book readers and tablets.

Kindle Fire 2

The patent covers the use of dual screens, something used by manufacturers as Sony in their tablets but this time the two LCD would not, but one would be electronic ink. This all is forcing all of us to think that will upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 have dual LCD and E Ink?

A model like this would close the gap between electronic tablets and e-book readers by offering the best of both because the reading experience is still infinitely superior in the latter and also its greater autonomy.

And Amazon is not alone in thinking that such a device would have its market since the same E Ink is presenting a prototype at IFA.

Kindle Fire 2

We’ll see if Amazon venture into such a novelty at the conference on Thursday, September 6 where it is considered certain that present the second version of the Kindle Fire 2, a model internationally but are not having much success, is the second best-selling United States after the iPad and before the arrival of the Google Nexus. So, stay tuned for more updates regarding this Kindle Fire 2 which would be special from Amazon side.

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