Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0: Review & Specs

This Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB 3.0 is a little thick, but has a rugged housing. It offers excellent performance for large file transfers, and its temperature remains reasonable for operation.

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 USB

The USB 3.0 Kingston DataTraveler HyperX approaching 200 MB / s read and 108 MB / s write. And will not overheat in heavy use.

The promise

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 offers an upscale and announces speeds of 225 MB / s read and 135 MB / s write.


Great surprise, the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 64GB offers speeds similar to those of model 128 GB! Performance is excellent for large file transfers with speeds measured 199.69 MB / s read 107.56 MB / s write. It takes about 6 seconds to copy a 700 MB DivX key and 3 s for the reverse operation. Comparatively, the 128 GB model reached 201.5 MB / s read and 114.7 MB / s writing. For file transfer medium, the key to Kingston remains fast read, a little less write: 49.3 MB / s for MP3s and 26.91 MB / s for photos JPeg. It is a bit faster than the SanDisk Extreme 64GB for this test. More good news, the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 64GB does not heat after intensive use: only 35 degrees, 43 degrees against more than 128 GB.
A case treated

The key benefits of a beautiful blue and black casing reinforced against impact, making it quite thick (1.6 cm). Warning, this thickness may hinder the connection of other devices! The USB connector is protected by a cap, you can place the end of the key to not losing in use. The blue activity LED, on the rear, proves clearly visible. Finally, the key is provided with a small attachment ring, but unfortunately without software.

The verdict

The Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 64GB impresses because of its excellent performance and its low heat. It is a little expensive, but has a rugged.

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