Lacie Ruggedkey USB 3.0: Review, Specs, Features & Price

This Lacie Ruggedkey  USB 3.0 protection LaCie supports high falls from 100 meters high. In addition, it’s carbide to 100 MB / s.


LaCie begins to exhibit its collection of 2012 high-performance storage devices. Among the announcements: the RuggedKey, USB pendrive pleasant enough in its design but also interesting for its technical characteristics.

A key amid tight security

Lacie Ruggedkey USB 3.0

Designed by British designer Neil Poulton, the RuggedKey adopts a removable rubber shell, grenade-shaped orange to protect the key, the metal. With this shell, the device is supposed to withstand a drop of nearly 100 meters high, as in this video where the key to surviving a parachute jump. The RuggedKey Pendrive also supposed to withstand splashes of water, extreme heat and cold.

LaCie announces a rate of about 100 MB / s when the key is connected to a USB 3.0 port and about 35 MB / s when connected to USB 2.0.

Secured by 256-bit AES Encryption

The RuggedKey USB 3.0 16GB pendrive protects data that is transferred by a LaCie Private-Public. This creates a secure partition by a password and 256 bit AES encryption. Automatic backup software (LaCie Genie Timeline 2.1) is also provided to supplement the software package that includes among others a free registration to online storage space 16 GB on the site.

RuggedKey noted finally that the LaCie USB 3.0 comes in two versions: one 16 GB at a price of 39.95 euros and the other of 32GB for 69.95 euros. Both have a warranty of two years.

USB 3.0 interface
Advertised performance
Secure 256-bit AES
Shockproof up to 100 m
Splash protection

Not 100% waterproof

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