Laptop, netbook or tablet which I should buy?

You may end up discovering the century XXI and see yourself immersed in a technological world where sometimes when making a purchase so many things can doubt, and also many people are not aware about the Tablets. What are they? What do you do? Laptop, netbook or tablets still a question for many. Today I am going to help you and hope after you will make sure what you need actually for a reasonable price a laptop, netbook or tablet?

laptop, netbook or tablet
When you think to buy a laptop, then question always comes in your mind that should I buy new generation lighter weight netbooks or more portable new generation’s tablet? if you are not well informed, then you can sometimes fall into the trap of buying something you do not need and you spent money that was not necessary.

So it is necessary to ask some questions before proceeding with the purchase of the device:

Is laptop, netbook or tablet is same?

Some people sometimes think that all three are alike and do the same, but we can make mistakes, that all three do some functions like browse, view our social networks and viewing Youtube not mean they are equal, and used for the same .

What do you need a laptop, netbook or tablet?

Sometimes you just need to look at email and check your online newspaper, but can also run programs that need very heavy and powerful as well as games or get busy graphic design and need a computer that meets very high requirements.

Is there only one model?

If we think that the best model is the most powerful and perfect for you then we could be wrong, we must look at many models of each device and compare them to find the right one for you, features and price.

laptop, netbook or tablet

In other laptops are an extension of the desktop PC to portable field carried without the possibility of modification with the originals and therefore have fewer benefits, there are still very capable portable and far exceed our requirements, so programs are preferable to move heavy power tools you need but adding mobility offered by its light weight and compact construction.

It still a question for many people that what is a Netbook? And what is difference between Netbook and laptops. For some laptops seems an exaggeration and prefer a netbook that performs the same functions as a laptop but with much lower performance, so considering this is very useful for small tasks without carrying laptops that sometimes between covers, cables , and others occupy the same as if carry your suitcase.



laptop, netbook or tablet

A tablet is different from the above, if you trust for example in the Android operating system offers an environment where you can play games, listen music, watch videos, perform office tasks, surfing and everything is with screens between 7 and 10 inches thanks to the accessories from companies like keyboards, docks, speakers, etc … enhances the experience considerably.

But not everything is perfect and its main drawbacks are fairly obvious, like not being able to run programs as heavy and powerful design tools complete or video editors. Besides that each tablet has different characteristics and duration of the battery, which is considered essential, can vary from one to another.

However with the large catalog has gaps that can do many things, noting especially its speed in navigation, data acquisition and shifting from one task to another where for example you can take a photo, retouch and upload using Instagram in less than 20 seconds.
The important thing of all is to not be swayed by consumerism and see what the need of each, in addition to buying from several models in these cases is very important.

If still in doubt then don’t worry just leave back a comment or contact me. I will be there for you. I will be helping you in laptop, netbook or tablet, it still confusion for a lot of people around.

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