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Latitude 3300 Student Edition from Dell: Budget friendly laptop

Dell is tapping the student market and school IT departments with its latest announcement of Latitude 3300 laptop. Keeping in mind student’s budget Dell is trying to encourage parents to go for the 13.3 inch Latitude 3300 laptop which has a good configuration and can fit in student’s school bags quite easily.

Students are fond of the latest technologies and laptops are the must have gadget that every student wish to have in his/her backpack. The latest Macbook Pro with Ratina is one of the most sought laptop. Dell Latitude 3300 will definitely challenge these range of laptops by giving what exactly students are looking for and also not pinching their pocket much.

Dell Latitude 3300 is going to be a complete laptop with 13.3 inch screen and having 1366 x 786 pixel resolution. It is packed with an Intel Core i5 3337U processor with 2GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. The screen will have anti glare coating to keep the eyes cool while working on the PC for long hours. The laptop will support MS Windows 7.0 and 8.0 OS. It will also support the Ubuntu OS. The Dell Latitude comes with an HD 720 webcam for video conferencing. It will have Wi-Fi connectivity enabling students to transfer documents, presentations and images wirelessly to the television sets.

Dell Latitude 3300The laptop will have VGA, HDMI as well the USB ports and connections that the students would want. The VGA socket will enable you to plug the laptop to a projector, HDMI to plug into your television set, and the USB 3.0 ports to transfer files quickly from hard drives to any USB enabled devices.

One thing to know that the Dell Latitude laptop is not going to be as thin like Ultrabook, but will not be very thick either. It will not be very heavy for students to save them from getting backaches. Dell has not only targeted this laptop for student but also for the school IT departments. It has introduced the security features in Latitude 3300 such as the Dell Data Protection encryption to secure student’s and school data.

Release and Price

The likely release of Dell’s Latitude 3300 is by the end of this month. The budget friendly laptop with its base configuration will cost around $419. Students and schools needs will definitely be matched with this new launch, we will have to see how it is accepted by them.