Leica M 2012 camera: Review & Specs

Leica updates its flagship by launching the Leica M 2012 and to make it stick to the latest technologies.

Leica M

After a not very convincing M8, an M9 full-attractive and offering excellent image quality but marred by some flaws (low battery, display the definition too low, delays writing), Leica updates its flagship of cameras by launching the Leica M 2012. The German automaker clears and the version number of the product to give it a timeless charm, like Apple or car manufacturers.

Updated Leica M

Leica M

With its 24 megapixel sensor Leica M designed for the occasion, with a screen 921 000 points, with the Live View with peaking (support visual development) and with the presence of the video and an external GPS module, Leica brand rather conservative, has finally taken the plunge and embraced digital technology more useful to its audience.

The screen will finally allow assessing the quality of images, the battery should have a real day of shooting. Leica M Covered by the screen can be a real plus, not only for video, but anecdotal appreciable in a casing that is manual focus, but especially for shooting with the camera on a table.


Updated Leica M 2012 does not, however, deny its origins: the viewfinder is telemetry, the frame is still M, and the case has more or less the same shape as the M9 even if a slight thumb rest appears on the right side of the rear device. It always changes the battery and memory card by removing a plate on the bottom. The manufacturing quality is always neat and plastic buttons around the screen is finally a quality measurement device is now … a bit heavy: 680g its place now on par with full-size SLR.


Leica M

In addition an adapter ring to mount the optical mount Leica R SLR or of the external EVF for under 100% digital, we appreciate the new electronic grip. A grip which facilitates gripping of the device with the rubber ring and which includes a USB connector, a power Sync, a power supply and especially continuous GPS. In short, everything you need to shoot in digital Leica XXI th century.
Suppose now that in our globalized world, it is clear that some parts of the new Leica M from Japan or elsewhere. But it is fair to say that the Leica M is a European device. Judge for yourself: the sensor is developed in Belgium by CMOSIS and manufactured in France (ST Microelectronics), electronic components are assembled in Portugal and the development of the device, the processor design and final assembly is all made in Germany. In a world dominated by the photo where Japan and Korea just to get a place, the presence of a significant European player is, regardless of the view that one can ask about it – Leica is a brand that rarely leaves indifferent.

The new Leica M 2012 does not quite clear the Leica M9 since it becomes Leica ME. A Leica M9 a bit lighter since lost the selector lever frame and some taken but the basic technique is 100% that of the M9.

The Leica M will be available to order from the month of January 2013 at a price of 6200 euros, a high price but that Leica has managed to contain price compared to the previous generation, and especially given the high cost of production in Europe.
+New 24 Mpix sensor designed for the occasion
+Screen 921 000 points
+More modern: Liveview, video, GPS optional, etc..
+Maestro image processor professional equipment from Leica (S series)

-High price
-No autofocus for beginners

This was all about the new Leica M 2012 premium camera.

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