Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 HTPC and C-Series All-in-One PCs: Specs & Features

Recently, Lenovo announced many computers running Windows 8, but mostly it’s Medium-and high-end. Lenovo broke tradition and presented some minimal cost PC based on the latest operating system from Microsoft. Among them are a pair of compact multimedia PC IdeaCentre Q190 and seven models of monoblock C-series.

IdeaCentre Q190

In the new HTPC IdeaCentre Q190, manufacturers refused processor Intel Atom which was used in the predecessor IdeaCentre Q180. So, IdeaCentre Q190 is equipped with the latest generation of Intel chips up to Core i3 and memory up to 8 GB. This is enough to play any content and novelty does not take much space on your desktop or in a rack with equipment. Especially in terms of the model with no optical drive DVD or Blu-ray, so it has thickness of 22.6 mm. The sale of IdeaCentre Q190 will go in January next year at a price of $ 350.


Among All-in-One Lenovo C-series devices have several options with different diagonal display and hardware platforms inside. Thus, the 18.5-inch Lenovo C240 and C245 use processors Intel Celeron and AMD E2, and the construction of the device is such that the ability to change their angle is not possible. 20-inch models include Lenovo C340 and C345 can be equipped with more powerful processors, up to Core i3, and has an ergonomic design. On other hand Lenovo C440 and C445 All-in-One monoblock similar in features, design and construction, but differ increased to 21.5-inch diagonal screen. Flagship Lenovo C540 is also equipped with a processor Intel Core i3, and the diagonal internal display is 23 inches. AiO cost depending on the model and features ranging from $ 350 to $ 550. And Lenovo C240 and C245 will be available later this month, the rest of the PC – in January.

This was all regarding upcoming HTPC IdeaCentre Q190 and All-in-One PCs Lenovo C-series including C240, C245, C340, C345, C440, C445 and C550 so, stay tuned for more updates regarding these Windows 8 devices.

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