LG 29EA93 IPS Monitor with 29” wide screen: Features revealed

LG has recently launched the LG 29EA93 IPS monitor (also called EA93) that features 29” ultra wide screen. LG has designed this LCD monitor specifically for entertainment providing solution for designers, graphics experts and filmmakers. It has AH-IPS (In-Plane switching technology) panel with 2560 x 1080 pixels resolutions with 21:9 aspect ratio. The IPS technology solves the main limitations of twisted nematic (TN) displays such as slow response times, small viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction.

LG 29EA93 Monitor
LG 29EA93 IPS Monitor ( Source:LG)

The LG 29EA93 is able to provide 100% of the Adobe RGB colors that gives graphics expert’s combination of superior resolution and lifelike colors.

LG 29EA93 IPS Monitor Features:

The monitor includes the LG’s popular design; the ‘invisible bezel’ design.

The display is 10-bit color display which gives 64 times rich pictures than a 8-bit color display which helps in re-creating the colors softly and naturally. The dynamic contrast ratio is 5000000:1

The LG 29EA93 IPS monitor has a horizontal viewing angle of 178% which allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality without any color shift even if you are standing in line with the TV or lying on the floor. The WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) technology provides resolutions 4 times higher than a conventional HD screen.

The LG 29EA93 IPS monitor has a 4-way split screen feature that allows windows to be shown in 8 different screens without getting cluttered. One can do multiple tasks at the same time by switching between windows with click of a mouse.

LG 29EA93 IPS Monitor
LG 29EA93 IPS Monitor (Source:LG)

For connections, it has DVI Dual Link, DisplayPort, HDMI(MHL) port and USB 3.0 port.

One particularly interesting thing about the LG 29EA93 IPS monitor is its capacity to connect two external devices via Dual Link-Up. The feature allows two portable devices like computer, camera, phone, etc. to be connected to the monitor and can be displayed on a single screen at the same time. The monitor has build in stereo speakers where you can enjoy your movies with realistic stereo sound. No external speakers are required.

The price of this monitor will range from $750 to $775. With increasing multi-screen surround setups for an immersive entertainment experience this LG 29EA93 IPS monitor can prove a popular alternative.

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