LG HR925D Blu-ray Player: Review & Specs

The LG HR925D is one of the star Blu-ray players and also one the perfect product for exquisite audience wants to get the most out of your HDTV.

The Korean firm has the cared for packing LG HR925D and accompanied by all the accessories required for commissioning. This device combines a Blu-ray player (and any previous optical media), a dual tuner Freeview HD and connectivity solution Smart Share, which lets you share content between devices in a simple and intuitive way.
The LG HR925D presents a discreet and elegant aesthetic, with a build quality similar to other products in this price range. We have liked touches like tray slot-in, the USB front panel connections but we cannot say the same for remote control, an aspect often neglected brands so inexplicable even in their high-end products. On the back panel you will find a potential for exceptional connectivity, which includes many digital audio output or CI + slot for pay channels TDT.

Technical specs of LG HR925D:

• Manufacturer: LG
• Model: LG HR925D
• 3D Blu-ray BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE
• Twin Freeview HD
• 500 GB hard drive
• Smart TV, media player, DLNA
• WiFi and Ethernet
• Price: 359 euros

This product is, above all, a great Blu-ray. Compatible with the latest standards (BD Profile 5.0) and with support for 3D content is the ideal companion for a large HDTV, showing fast and smooth operation. While it is true that digital distribution based solutions dominate the market, foodies of the picture and sound will appreciate the leap in quality that Blu-ray is compared to other alternatives.
Although you can play multimedia files seamlessly from a USB flash drive or USB external hard drive in LG HR925D, is not the best option if this is going to be the main purpose. We found problems with the subtitles embedded and does not stop working well with conversions from DVD or Blu-ray, especially regarding menus. Reproduction in streaming low DLNA is easy to use and works seamlessly with bitrates up to 10 Mb / s. Again, if we go further is better to opt for specialized hardware solutions in this task.
Thanks to an internal disk of 500 GB capacity and dual tuner Freeview HD, LG HR925D can record one channel while watching HD another. We were pleasantly surprised by its interface, really careful, and highly optimized operation enabling you to be in ready in less than 10 seconds and that the channel change is almost instantaneous, outperforming many midrange televisions that have gone through the lab.
Overall, the handling of LG HR925D is very intuitive and any user will feel comfortable programming recording or reproducing their programs. The function TimeShift is well settled and works completely transparent to the user (you can even turn it off completely). We had a temporary problem accessing other DLNA devices, but we hope that LG will fix in an update of the firmware.

Smart TV, a new life for your TV



This model LG HR925D includes access to the new platform Smart TV from LG and a selection of really interesting applications. As with any other device, the user experience is closely related to the quality of their broadband, we do not recommend anything below 6 Mbps if we enjoy services like streaming.


From our perspective, the Smart TV has left ample room for improvement in the coming years, a view that, of course, be extended to any other manufacturer. Although more and more apps offer adapted to the TV is far from that of other platforms. At this point it is fair to say that LG is one of the brands most strongly is betting on this evolution.

Conclusions for LG HR925D:


The LG HR925D seems an interesting purchase for users who already have a HDTV and beyond the inherent advantages Blu-ray format, want a device that can revitalize your screen. The combination of dual tuner, internal hard drive and the possibilities related to Smart TV add significant value to this solution and justify its price.

On the negative side, we believe that as media player is not up to cheaper than other devices, but also more specialized in all kinds of formats and the streaming of HD content. In any case, LG HR925D is one of the most comprehensive on the market and a recommended device.

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