LG Nexus, the next Google smartphone: Specs & Features

As it has already rumoured that LG would be making on the basis of Optimus G a new Nexus for Google, moreover, LG Nexus is not only the rumoured next Google Nexus, before we have seen rumoured about Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 and even HTC phablet.

LG Nexus

Anyway, the guys at MoDaCo have exclusive claim to offer the full specifications of the LG Nexus, sharing some with the tremendous Optimus G, and showing other features different and we do not find anything more special. If they are true:

• IPS screen larger than 4 inches with resolution 1280 × 768 pixels
• Snapdragon S4 Processor Pro
• 2 GB of RAM
• 8 megapixel camera
• Android 4.2 SS.OO
• Wireless Charging System
• No microSD slot
• Battery not removable
• Versions with 8 and 16 GB of internal capacity

The good: LG Nexus is featuring great screen quality, size and resolution, the SoC Snapdragon S4 Pro and the new version of Android 4.2.

The bad: the reduction of quality in the rear chamber and the storage capacity compared to Optimus.

The worst: the battery is not removable copying Apple’s bad habits and removing the microSD, something that has brought him criticism in the Nexus tablet 7.

All this is assuredly the LG Nexus. Something that is not at all certain as it is also rumoured the Galaxy Nexus 2 and up to 5 inches phablet HTC Nexus would become the ‘Note’ on Google.

The new ‘androids’ would be presented later this month (for availability in November) to embitter the launch party for Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 and of course for iPhone sales subtracting 5. So, be ready for next Google Nexus 2 smartphone which is not yet confirmed that who is actually going to manufacture, will it be Galaxy Nexus 2, HTC Nexus or LG Nexus?, well you stay tuned with us, soon we will clear your all doubts.

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