LG optimus G smartphone revealed: Specs & Features

During the last few days, many new upcoming smartphones of different vendors were revealed and here we have new information about an upcoming smartphone from LG. In this case we are talking LG Optimus G smartphone, which could be the nest smartphone by LG, moreover it would be featuring massive specs and features and will be count in the high end device because of its 2GB RAM (physical memory).

LG Optimus G

Focusing first on its hardware components, note that you can confirm, thanks to some images posted that the new LG Optimus G smartphone is equipped with a processor Snapdragon S4 Pro which reach a maximum clock frequency of 1.5 Ghz. Moreover as we have said earlier this could be equipped with 2GB RAM which make it special of course. Turning now to the outermost part, it looks like it will show all your skills through a screen which will reach a total size of 4.7 inches and being this IPS type that will give us a maximum resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels.


No images have been unveiled which will be telling the version of Google’s operating system that the terminal equips. At present we can say, LG Optimus G will be running under the version 4.0.4 from Ice Cream Sandwich and later it would be upgraded to Jelly Bean but nothing has been confirmed. Turning now to the outside, thanks to the leaked images we can see that the new device from LG will already used three capacitive buttons, the which will be the reverse, and the menu options located in the central part.

LG Optimus G
Turning it on LG Optimus G back is equipped with a plastic shell casing which will make us look like it is made from carbon. Besides, at the back we also see that we will face a camera whose resolution will come to a total of 13 megapixel which also incorporate in its side, a LED flash.

LG Optimus G
Looking at the features mentioned above, we can say that we are going to face another smartphone, which goes on the market to put a dent in the top. Certainly we are facing what could be one of the best at end of the year. We’ll see if the final version finally be seen the next day in the long awaited IFA 2012 which will surely come loaded with many new features and new surprises. This was all regarding LG Optimus G smartphone which could be revealed soon officially, so stay tuned for more updates.


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