LG plans to sell Nexus 4 for much more expensive than Google’s Price

Google will begin selling its new flagship smartphone Nexus 4 on Nov. 13 at prices ranging from € 300 to € 350 depending on the amount of built-in flash memory (8 or 16 GB). But as per the rumoured information in different countries LG will distribute this flagship smartphone but not Google.

Nexus 4

And LG Nexus 4 would be costing around € 600 which is different price of crousee, according to TNW. According to the reseller, LG plans to sell the Nexus 4 everyone for a suggested retail price of € 600.
As we all know this LG Nexus 4 smartphone is carrying flagship characteristics (quad-core SoC Qualcomm APQ8064 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 4.7″ IPS + HD-display), even the increased twice the price is justified, but it is not so attractive amid suggestions Google. Currently LG did not react to the situation.

So stay tuned for more updates, regarding the price & release date of LG Nexus 4 in different countries.


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