Logitec Skylink HD a series of NAS for home use: Specs & Features

Logitec Company introduced a new series of compact network storage media (NAS) Logitec Skylink HD, which are intended for use in the domestic sphere.

Logitec Skylink HD

New items are made in the same case in black and have dimensions of 160x143x45 mm. Inside the housing is located one 3.5-inch hard drive. That is the type and capacity of the hard disk is the main distinguishing features of different models of network storage media Logitec Skylink HD.

Thus, the devices can be installed with hard drives Western Digital Series Red or Green. Red Series drives optimized for use in NAS systems with working hours 24×7. At the same time, the Green series drives are cost effective energy efficient solutions. Thus, the interested users to independently decide what type of storage is more suited to the planned model of NAS. For both series of hard drives are available with a capacity models 2 and 3 TB. New to the network connection used Gigabit Ethernet port Ethernet. Also available are two-port USB 2.0, you can connect additional drives to increase storage capacity.

Logitec Skylink HD
New network information storage Logitec Skylink HD devils should be on sale in the near future. Model with a hard drive capacity of Red Series 2 and 3 TB is estimated at $ 215 and $ 290, and a storage device with a series of Green will pay $ 190 and $ 255, respectively. This was all about the Logitec Skylink HD NAS device.

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