Logitech Boombox Portable Speaker good sound but not enough: Review & Specs

Logitech Boombox is both the best and worst portable speaker. It provides the best sound and the best finish, but its connection is too limited. autonomy too small and too expensive.

Logitech Boombox Portable Speaker

Apart from a sound and a quality finish, this speaker has many drawbacks: high price, low autonomy and inadequate equipment.

The promise

Sleek design, quality plastic encapsulated aluminium brushed finishes: unpacking, the Logitech Boombox unveils a beautiful object, the type of product, the first contact with the hand seems to promise a brighter future. But beyond the plumage and song hides a device that disappointed us.


First contact, the first observation: Logitech Boombox offers the best sound quality of our comparative permanent. The largest model of competition is signed by a specialist sound – Logitech – it is logical that this portable speaker with battery won the prize with powerful bass and clear sound and a rather rich given with its fairly large size.

Exemplary construction

As for the device itself, if the design remains at the discretion of each design does not suffer criticism, really striking. Except that the battery cover is difficult to open in Logitech Boombox, even after the screw has been removed, the quality of materials, brushed aluminium, hard plastics and non-slip rubber on the bottom, finishing the Boombox is excellent. It is a pity that the sound quality and the manufacturing cannot obscure the avalanche of defaults that follow.

Very limited connectivity

Beautiful and powerful, the Logitech Boombox is expensive, very expensive for its class: 250 euros, twice the price of the most expensive speaker. At this rate, we expect it to go as far or farther than the competitors. But there is nothing … No place to plug in an iPod / iPhone, no socket to recharge a player, no USB / micro-USB, no integrated function (radio, etc.): The Logitech Boombox redefines term “clean”. It will settle Bluetooth and a single input line. The problem is that many other smaller models offer more features. And it is always difficult to get less for more money.

Low autonomy

If it’s large size enables it to reach the best speakers in competition, Logitech Boombox has unfortunately not been properly fitted in the battery. When some models offer 12 hours (or 15 hours) of music, Boombox offers only 6 h 45 m.

The verdict

Logitech Boombox Portable Speaker

Dear little rugged and poorly equipped, the Logitech Boombox is a portable speaker all the more disappointing that the sound is good, and the finish quality. At this price level (twice as high as the more expensive models), we cannot be satisfied with the bare minimum. Technical excellence is not everything, we must think of uses. This was all about the Logitech Boombox portable speaker.


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