Logitech has announced a universal remote control Harmony Touch

Logitech has announced a new generation of remote control series Harmony – devices Logitech Harmony Touch. This new product is positioned as a universal custom solutions premium.

Logitech Harmony Touch
Logitech Harmony Touch device is equipped with a 2.4-inch color touch screen. With a one-time setup procedure online remote user can configure to display the icons to 50 channels. It also supports the ability to add, delete and move icons. In addition, the option is available for reorder the icons on the display. Except the touch to select a particular channel and the display support gestures such as scrolling with a finger channels or move icons to another location.
According to the manufacturer, Universal Remote Logitech Harmony Touch supports over 225 thousand home entertainment devices more than 5 thousand brands. One remote can be programmed to control up to 15 devices. Novelty has an ergonomic shape and low profile hardware buttons with backlight, which is designed to improve the comfort of use.
The new universal remote control, Logitech Harmony Touch will go on sale in October for a suggested retail price of $ 250. Together with the remote control will be available and a docking station for charging.

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