Logitech K810, backlit keyboard for tablets: Specs & Features

Logitech announces a new keyboard specifically targeted to users based tablets iOS, Android or Windows. Equipped with an ultra-thin design and a chassis made of aluminium, the new Logitech K810 keyboard is shaping up as the ideal for users who need the precision of a physical keyboard to work with your tablet.

Logitech K810

This Logitech keyboard is unchecked competition for its excellent build quality and a backlight system with programmable control of presence: the fingers close enough for the system to automatically activate lighting, saving energy when you’re not using.

The Logitech K810 is connected to other devices using Bluetooth and, thanks to technology Easy Switch, saves data pairing up to three devices simultaneously. Just press a key to select the device you want to use and write it without tedious configuration processes. Its rechargeable battery via USB has an estimated duration of 10 days of use.

Logitech K810

The new Logitech K810 will be available at the usual retailers from next month, for a suggested retail price of 99.99 euros moreover, it works with devices iOS, Android and Windows.

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