Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad: Review & Specs

There are available lots of premium accessories for Apple products including iPad, iPhone and iPod and today we have brought you one of the most popular iPad accessory from Logitech, in this case we are talking about Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad which is designed in collaboration with companies ZAGG, a renowned manufacturer of protective films and accessories for mobile devices. And although it is the first of the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad, got it up to our market with a significant delay in the company’s more modern devices, it does not make it worse, by contrast, offers several advantages over the more recent models.

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad

Made of aluminium Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad has a very simple but attractive design and very reliable design. Essentially, it is padded with rubber pan-case, which is embedded iPad 2 or iPad 3 generation. Aluminium is guaranteed to protect the screen and the side walls of the tablet from damage at even to the manufacturer in case of fall.
In operating mode, the iPad can be mounted in a groove in both landscape and portrait orientation angle of about 75 degrees. In this case, for typing you still need a desk or other flat surface, mechanical plate is loose and when working on your lap or on the weight may fall out.
Since in the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad, uses Bluetooth-keyboard interface will work with any iOS device. The connection is very fast and easy. In principle, the keyboard interfaces and Android-devices, but in this case, you cannot switch languages and cause most of the special functions iOS.
It seems that the aluminium rim that protects the edge of the tablet, take difficulty in typing, but it is not.
Top row Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad put on special keys – duplication tablet buttons, call search, activate the photo frame, the on-screen keyboard, text operations, media player controls, volume, and blocking. In the bottom row has a dedicated button to change the layout, which is very convenient and allows you to forget the unusual conjunction of many Cmd + Space.

The keys’ in Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad is small, but the tactile feel and comfort, this keyboard is not inferior to the laptop keyboard. Moreover, unlike many competitor models from Logitech Keyboard Case you definitely can, after a little practice to use the blind set, and even compete on speed dial with the users of laptops and desktop PCs. And this is perhaps the most important parameter for such devices. In addition, it is worth considering that it employs traditional MasOS shortcut text editing and navigation, which is very easy to learn, and users Windows – Cmd + c, Cmd + v, Shift-arrows, etc.
Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad is powered by the internal battery, which is charged by the cable micro-USB.

+simple design +
+ Aluminium Case
+ Individual keys change the layout
+ Price

– Do not support the Auto-on
– Half-width of the keys

Despite the fact that Logitech Keyboard Case has appeared many of the countries very late and has a very simple design, this keyboard for iPad is not inferior to older models, and aluminium housing and a reasonable price make it a very interesting purchase. This was all regarding one the premium iPad 3 Accessories i.e. Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad.

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