Logitech Touch Mouse T620, Zone T400, TouchPad T650 peripherals designed for Windows 8: Specs & Price

The company Logitech has just announced its new line of products designed to facilitate and provide a better user experience in Windows 8. These products will come later this month and will allow taking full advantage of the new interface of Windows 8.

Logitech Touch Mouse

Among the devices presented features a wireless touch pad, TouchPad Wireless Recheargable T650, which allows multi-touch gestures for zooming, navigating between screens of Windows 8, and a host of features that makes it easier to use experience of the new Microsoft operating system.

Logitech Wireless TouchPad Recheargable T650

Logitech Touch Mouse

Logitech also has a similar mouse Apple Magic Mouse gestures which touch on the palm of your hand, so you’ll have a traditional mouse with touch capabilities to leverage the entire new Windows 8 interface.

Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Logitech Touch Mouse

The company has also launched a Logitech Touch Mouse T620 traditional format with a small touch area. Add to shape and design the regular line and ergonomic mice along with a touch area for a pan / tilt accurate.

Logitech Touch Mouse Zone T400

Logitech Touch Mouse

Logitech Wireless Touchpad Rechargeable T650, T620 Logitech Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse Logitech Zone ea T400 will be available later this month in early October 2012, for a suggested retail price of 82.5 euros, 71.90 euros and 51.90 euros respectively.

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