Matias Quiet Pro: World’s quietest mechanical keyboard| Specs & Features

Matias company announced the launch of a new computer keyboard Matias Quiet Pro, which is a modification of the model ultra quiet Tactile Pro.

Matias Quiet Pro
According to the manufacturer, the keyboard Matias Tactile Pro was liked by users, but in the course of their work, it was making a high noise level in some working environments, such as the large office with lots of employees, or in close location to the user. However, this is not a drawback of this model keyboard, and is the common property of all the keyboards with mechanical keys. Therefore, it was decided to release an updated device, which reduced the level of emissions of noise, but retain the benefits of the previous model. As a result, the model was created mechanical keyboard Matias Quiet Pro, which produces no more noise than a conventional keyboard. Thus, this new product on to the manufacturer is the quietest mechanical keyboard in the world. This was achieved through the introduction of specially designed key switch, the development of which lasted about two years.

Matias Quiet Pro


The new keyboard Matias Quiet Pro is now available for order on the manufacturer’s website and some retailers. Users can modify for PC and Mac. New items are price at $ 150. It is also noted that the company plans to sell the new Matias quiet switches to other manufacturers of accessories for computers, so that they can produce their own quiet mechanical keyboard. This was all about Matias Quiet Pro which is world’s quietest mechanical keyboard.

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