MediaTek MT6577: low cost but powerful Android-smartphone

The company MediaTek is known as a manufacturer of low-cost hardware platforms for smartphones and mobile phones, through which it appeared on the market because of its highly functional gadgets which generally costs less than $ 200, even $ 100. Its Latest Development will produce low-price smartphone with Android in price range less than $200.

In Particular, we are talking about the MediaTek MT6577. This smartphone is upcoming cheap MediaTek smartphone with low price but powerful hardware. Based on Official data, the system-on-chip contains two processing units (dual-core) ARM Cortex-A9 which can clock at 1 GHz and the PowerVR SGX graphics chip of Fifth series. In addition, there is HSPA modem-that supports 3G.
MediaTek MT6577 smartphone features a display resolution that Supports 720p, while the device can play and record full HD without any problem, and also it can fully satisfy every need, especially if the manufacturer adopts high quality Driver for Android 4.0. In addition, there will be other features also, including Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n (two bands), GPS and FM. It is expected that the first device based on commercial MediaTek MT6577 Will be available in the third quarter of this Year. So, if you are going to buy a smartphone in future or have any similar plan then you can keep MediaTek MT6577 smartphone in your options as it is enough powerful and most attractive factor about this phone is its cheap price.


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