Medion Erazer X5353D: Review, Price and Specs

There is very good news for all gaming pc fans that Medion has brought something which will bring mouth water with this PC for gamers. This new gaming pc is Medion Erazer X5353D which has got price tag of € 1599, moreover it promises very good performance with its hardware.

Medion Erazer X5353D

Medion is selling this PC i.e. Medion Erazer X5353D online. If we talk about this Gaming Desktrp we will find it gives a very sharp character design and it is almost similar to Dell’s Alienware.

Medion Erazer X5353D powered with the latest Intel platform

Medion does not go with the back of the spoon and Erazer X5353D is powered with Intel latest generation (Ivy Bridge) processor. One of the most powerful in fact, a Core i7-3770 clocked at 3.4 GHz. There I found no weakness or can’t predict any other weakness, especially since it comes with a massive amount of RAM i.e. 16 GB of DDR3. Moreover, Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 for video and 3D animation is mounted on its motherboard, with a very high level of performance. For storage, Medion put an SSD drive of 128 GB which, in theory, provide optimum performance at operating system and your games. Add to that a mechanical hard drive to 2 TB and if that’s not enough, the case of this PC has a removable tray to add a 3.5-inch hard disk.
A complete Gaming Desktop:

The Medion Erazer X5353D is also expected to manage multiple devices. At the front there is a USB 3.0, USB 2.0, microphone input, a headphone jack and a memory card reader. At the rear, six USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports accompany outputs 5.1 audio (mini-jack), an optical digital audio output and a good range of video outputs (HDMI, DVI-I and DVI-D and DisplayPort). For communications, or work with the Medion wireless, Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi n. I have found only real disappointment i.e. lack of Blu-Ray. This powerful machine is just powered with a DVD RW.

If its performance hold the road, we’ll check soon, the Erazer X5353D could emerge as a viable alternative to the Dell Alienware Aurora R4 .

Its performance is almost similar to Dell Alienware Aurora R4, we can expect a good competition of Medion Erazer X5353D with Dell Alienware.


No Blue-Ray optical drive

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