Memoto tiny camera: Capture precious moments of your life

Do you remember the famous movie called ‘Memento’? Yes, about the guy who keeps forgetting who is he, what he did earlier and what he is planning to do.

Somewhat similar sounding, Memoto is a tiny camera that will give you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

This is how the Memoto camera from the Swedish company works:

You waer the camera without any buttons. (meaning the camera does not have any buttons, your shirt better do!) As long as you wear the camera, it will constantly takes pictures.

A photo is taken every 30 seconds and all photos are geotagged.

The camera comes with an app to give you pictures of your life, complete with information on when you took it and where you were. This means that you can revisit any moment of your past.

Memoto camera price, specs
Memoto camera price, specs

May be they will use it in Memento part II.

Batteries need recharging after about 2 days of use. When you you connect the camera to your computer, the photos are automatically uploaded to Memoto’s servers and recharging of the camera’s batteries happen at the same time.

Memoto app:
With 2 pictures taken every minute, 120 every hour, 960 every 8 hours there better be an app to organise photos for you. And and there is one.

The way it works is that the photos are organized into groups of “moments” on a timeline. On the timeline, you’re presented with keyframes (about 30 per day) each representing one moment. You can tap a moment to relive it in a stop-motion like video of all the pictures in that moment.

All pictures you transfer to Memoto’s cloud service are stored encrypted. The pictures are only visible to you. You can share it with FB or Twitter IF you prefer. It does not share anything on its own.
It comes with a stainless steel clip to connect the camera to your clothes and its dimensions are 36x36x9 mm.

Privacy aspect:
Clearly, it will make sense not to use it if you think someone will object or may not like it.

Last words about Memoto:
Memoto device costs $279.00 and comes with free 1 year storage. Whether you wish to have such a detailed account of you is upto you.

Those who are from UK would know the famous TV show ‘This is your life’ where they get celebrities and showcase their life. Well, with Memoto camera, you can also say ‘This is my life’!

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