Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB, external disk strengthened a bit expensive: Review & Specs

This Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB model exceeds 100 MB / s read, but its write speeds are limited. Its protective shell is significant, but it generates an additional cost disadvantage.

Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB

Memup disk has a removable silicone shell and provides good reading flow. Its writing speeds are decent, but nothing more.
The promise

Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB

This Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB 2.5-inch USB 3.0 drive comes with a protective silicone transparent. It is available in capacities of 320 GB (100 euros), 500 GB (130 euros approx.) and 1TB (160 euros approx). Here we have brought you the review of 500GB model.


Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB

The external drive Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB has a plastic housing sober. To protect against small drops, a removable silicone shell that is effective. However, it does not protect the top of the disc and increases its weight of about 50 g. But its main drawback is that it interferes with the USB 3.0 cable connection. It will give a little cutter to enlarge the hole in the hull. A small activity LED (white) is placed at the rear, but it lacks visibility.

Over 100MB / s read

The Memup Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB drive is formatted as NTFS and has a capacity of 465 GB under Windows. No bundled software, but a free one year to qualify for a storage space of 2 GB on the Internet. Performance, the Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB offers good read rates for multimedia files, regardless of their size (from 99 to 105 MB / s). In writing, the results are less favorable: 22 MB / s Jpeg images to 85 MB / s for DivX. In comparison, the excellent Seagate Portable Backup Plus offers speeds of 107 MB / s 110 MB / s read and 35 to 91 MB / s write.
The verdict

This Memup disk is fast in reading, but lacks a bit of velocity in writing. Its silicone shell is a nice touch, but the cost is too high. In comparison, the disc reinforced Store ‘n’ Go Verbatim Traveller offers greater capacity (750 GB) for the same price.

This was all regarding the Kiosk LS 3.0 Titan 500GB external hard drive.

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