Memup SSD kult: Specs, Price, Cons and Pros

Memup is going to launch three new SSD Kult capacity ranging between 60 and 240 GB addition to two programs, one of which is dedicated to the preservation, Memup book a USB / SATA to turn your internal SSD in external model, the time of transfer file with a friend.

Memup SSD Kult

Memup launches range of Memum SSD Kult. It comes in three disks of different capacities; all provided with an adapter SATA / USB to temporarily transform into external drive.

The French Bran Memup wants to establish its position on the internal SSD market with its new line of Kult SSD. It consists of three models with capacities ranging from 60 to 240 GB and are all equipped with a controller SandForce SF-2281. The price varies between 79.90 and 299.90 euros.

Via Sata II interface, the flow of read / write modules MLC are given respectively to 480 MB / s and 475 Mb / s. At 2.5-inches, these discs should be useful to give a boost to a PC or laptop on its last legs.

SSD internal and external

Although the proposed building are not as important as traditional hard drives, SSDs range Kult also host your data without a care. Moreover, Memup adapter provides a SATA II / USB 2 in order to transform your internal Memup SSD Kult external model of time travel or a file exchange with a friend. Moreover, Memup SSD Kuld drives come with casing in aluminium which prevents the risk of damaging the SSD in transport. The brand also specifies an adapter providing USB connectivity 3 will also be commercially available at a price of 19.90 euros. Finally, two programs, one for backup, are supplied with the devices. Guaranteed by Memup two years, the SSD Series Kult will be available in August 2012.
Pros of Memup SSD Kult
The price
Sata Adapter / USB 2
The two-year warranty

Cons of Memup SSD Kult
The USB option 3/Sata

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