Microsoft could start selling Windows 8 is only through the Internet and OEM-manufacturers

Microsoft has no plans to sell boxed version of Windows 8, In a Windows Weekly show, Paul told reporters Turrott and Mary Jo Foley. According to them, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft will depart from the practice of selling their OS in the boxes, which often took the form for customers in the round sum of money.

Windows 8
Instead, the company will offer customers who collect your PC, install the version of the System Builder, through which it is already possible to select, buy and install a full version of the system. In addition, Microsoft plans to offer an upgrade to Windows 8 among users of Windows 7, Vista and XP for $ 40.

Apparently, the company plans to focus on the promotion of Windows 8 on the ready-made devices through the OEM-manufacturers. In particular, Microsoft has repeatedly emphasized the fact that Windows 8, though optimized for use on any PC, but is more oriented to use in next-generation devices with touch screens. Microsoft even released his own plate to show the advantages of the new OS.

So, whoever is waiting for Windows 8 and want to upgrade your computer to Windows 8 then you will have to pay only $40.


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