Microsoft has launched application store “Office Store”

Shops applications are becoming increasingly popular among developers. Each platform has its own mobile application store, many desktop platforms and acquired stores applications, but Microsoft has gone a step further and opened the app store for its office suite – Microsoft Office Store.

Microsoft Office Store

Shop Microsoft Office Store soon falls into the category store add-ons than the individual applications. So, with it, users can load a variety of additions to the programs of Microsoft Office, thereby greatly expanding their capabilities. The store will also be available to expand and for SharePoint. In order to take advantage of store, Office Store, you must have a user account to the online services of Microsoft and have a computer installed version of Office 2013 Preview or later version. The store itself is available at the following address.

Microsoft Office Store

It is noted that the new Office Store provides ample opportunities for the management and licensing of hosted applications to their developers. Third-party developers can make money by purchasing their applications. Microsoft reserves currently 20% of each transaction.


Currently, Microsoft Office Store Shop operates in beta status. At the time of testing all of its features are free, but after running a full version of the service part of its functions and some applications will be charged.

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