Microsoft introduced the operating system Windows 8.1 Preview

At a conference for developers of Build 2013, Microsoft announced the release of its upgraded Windows 8.1 Preview.

The company’s management has demonstrated a preliminary version of Windows 8.1 Preview and explained the changes in the settings of personalization, search Bing, improved functionality to solve business problems, new packaged applications and other innovations of the operating system.

Microsoft introduced the operating system Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows Store for Windows 8.1 has been redesigned to provide users with a faster and more convenient access to applications that are of interest to them. The changes were made to promote the empowerment of applications and their search based on individual users’ preferences, as well as control the search through technology Bing. Lists of applications are now displayed in a new format, easy to navigate and recommendations on content that may be of interest to the user.

Windows 8.1 offers new opportunities to monetize applications and attract users. Anthony Leblond presented gift cards of  Windows to the participants of the conference – a convenient way to purchase apps, books, games and other content. Users will be able to add to their account Microsoft account, fill it in the currency of their country, and shop through the Store Windows.

Windows 8.1 offers developers an opportunity to create a unique design applications. Windows 8.1 applications can interact with each other to transmit data to work simultaneously on the same screen, and provide users more opportunities to work on different types of devices, even with a screen diagonal of 8 inches or less.

In addition to Windows 8.1 Microsoft developers demonstrated the benefits of using existing tools and resources to create a variety of applications for users of services and Microsoft, for example, a platform for developing with Bing, as well as the output of the preliminary version of Visual Studio 2013 Preview and pre-release. NET 4.5.1 Preview .

C today preliminary version of Windows 8.1 Preview is available for download.

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