Microsoft left out of support of DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7

Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming API DirectX 11.1 will not be compatible with Windows 7. Thus pressure on users who want to take advantage of new features to make the leap to Windows 8.

DirectX 11.1

Windows 8 has native support for DirectX 11.1, support providing improved as GPGPU, tessellation improved stereoscopic 3D support, etc..

This bill reminds the days of Windows Vista and the arrival of DirectX 10, which was not implemented for Windows XP and was one of the measures that prompted more advanced users to upgrade to the next operating system from Microsoft. If they wanted to take advantage of all the features offered their graphs was a mandatory step.

Many of you will remember the title Crysis, the first thing that came with version optimized for DirectX 10 and also became a benchmark for measuring the performance of the CPU because of how demanding it was.

This was all regarding the DirectX 11.1 that it would not be supported by Windows 7 and if you want this DirectX then you have to install Windows 8.

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