Microsoft Office 2013: designed in the style of Metro, the integration of the cloud, and social services

Microsoft has officially unveiled a preliminary version of office i.e. suite Office 2013, which is scheduled for release this autumn. The new Office Microsoft has implemented support for upcoming the operating system Windows 8, sensor interfaces, as well as cloud service as SkyDrive.

 Office 2013

“The new, modern Office 2013 will provide unprecedented performance and flexibility for both consumers and corporate clients. This is a cloud service, which will be instantly ready for use in conjunction with Windows 8 “- said CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer during a presentation. According to him, the developers of Office 2013 set a goal to make the office package easy to work on all possible devices. Thus, it has received a new design in the style of Metro and supports touch screen, stylus, mice and keyboards.

Office 2013
Microsoft Office 2013 is closely associated with the cloud service SkyDrive, which automatically saves all documents. Thus, changes in the document on your work computer immediately displayed on the home PC and on the phone with Windows Phone. In addition, Office 2013 will automatically synchronize between different computers by its configuration, templates and dictionaries.

Office 2013

“Office as a service” – with the new slogan of Microsoft Office 2013 will be promoted as a service to subscribers. This means that you cannot pay the full amount for an office suite, and subscribe to it with the monthly payments and gain access to a full 2013 Office applications via the Internet. In particular, Microsoft will offer users: Office 365 Home Premium with 20 GB of additional space in SkyDrive and 60 minutes a month of Skype; Office 365 Small Business Premium with corporate email, calendars, tools for the website, as well as video conferencing in HD-quality; Office 365 ProPlus – a package for large corporate clients with a range of tools.

Office 2013

In addition to general improvements and design changes, Office 2013 will receive and the social component. In Microsoft introduced it in its latest purchase, a social network for business users Yammer, which allows the exchange of information within a company. Now it will be integrated into the new version of SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics. Also, in the new Office will enter service / application Skype.


You can download the pre-release version of Microsoft Office 2013 from a page of the company. The only restriction, this office suite only works with Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Microsoft also said that with the release tablets based on operating system Windows RT they will already be pre-installed full version of Office Home and Student 2013 RT, which will include programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


According to preliminary information, the release of Microsoft Office 2013 will be held this fall at the same time will be announced and the value of different versions of office suite, as well as subscribe to it. We can see, Microsoft has made Office 2013 really special with incorporating many features and services.

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