Microsoft Project Glass – Working is on!

The idea of wearable computer in the form of points has been very popular. Initially, Google announced its initiative Project Glass, then in this direction was active company Oakley, recently caused a stir with their own Vuzix Smart electronic glasses, Glasses M100, and now to enthusiasts joined Microsoft. This Corporation in no hurry with the announcement of the gadget and is currently known only to the relevant patent. So, new future we can see Microsoft Project Glass, of course name would be different.

Microsoft Project Glass

According the sources, the company has no plans to build a computer based on points. Moreover, not assumed, and its constant use during the day as Google Project Glass. In this type of device Microsoft considered only as an auxiliary gadget that will be useful for some live concerts, sports games, etc. The idea of the product to display score accompanying textual information, and built-in headphones – pass appropriate audio. To a certain extent it is reasonable. After all, in such events, the user typically sits or stands still and there is no fear that the screen, somewhere is not there or not entered the turn.

While no details of the project of electronic points Microsoft Project Glass officially from Microsoft. It is worth to mention that the patent application was filed in May 2011. Half years R & D-department, could go far.

This was all regarding the upcoming new trend devices started by Google Project Glass.

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