Microsoft Reality Glasses – The End of the era of the smartphone?

Researchers are working behind Kinect in some augmented reality glasses for use in live events as a patent filed last year by Microsoft. There is no confirmation that it would be called as Microsoft Reality Glasses or not.

Microsoft Reality Glasses

The patent describes “a device shaped glasses that receive information from a computer to project images on a screen in the lens”.

Although Microsoft focus glasses to show additional information on live entertainment events, everything points to the development of augmented reality games or applications for your Xbox 360, because the patent is signed by the Research and Development division of Xbox Incubation, the same as that developed the motion control peripheral Kinect. It points to Microsoft Reality Glasses.

The project follows in the footsteps of specialized companies and other big technology companies like Google with Google Project Glass, a more advanced and ambitious than Microsoft, with glasses that will be given to developers in 2013 to launch the public as early as 2014.

Although seen the commercial reception of such devices, some analysts believe that augmented reality technologies mark the end of the age of the smartphone.

This was all regarding the Microsoft Reality Glasses, stay tuned for more updates.

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