Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 with divided “space”: Specs & Features

The company Microsoft, its Hardware division has released a new keyboard i.e. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, which is focused on the combined use with the upcoming operating system Windows 8.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard
This Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard model has an ergonomic shape and still has one of the original features. Microsoft Hardware engineers decided to share a “space” into two parts and assign these two different functions of the individual keys. This decision was the result of the study, which found that 90% of users in the process of typing using only his/her right thumb to press a “space.” Thus, a sufficiently large section of the keyboard is actually useable. Therefore, it was decided to divide by a “space” in two and assign the right enter a space key. The study also found that the key “Backspace” is the third most common use of the keyboard (in the first place by a “space”, the second – the key “E”). However, the location of a key “backspace” is not as convenient for its frequent use. Because the left side of the former by a “space”, it was decided to allocate for the function “slaughter.” In addition to the keyboard, Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard shortcuts are also implemented for Microsoft Windows 8: Search, Share, Device and Settings button and update Windows. To connect the device to a computer using a wireless interface, and this wireless keyboard will work with two batteries AAA.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

It is expected that the new keyboard Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard will be available soon at a price of about $ 60.


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