Microsoft Smartphone based on Windows Phone 8 Coming Soon?

Once Microsoft has developed its own tablet Microsoft Surface, then why not release its original smart phones based on Windows Phone 8? This question has long been vital to the web and occasionally pop up in the form of all sorts of rumors. Now we have another proof that Microsoft Corporation is working on its own smartphone or a ruler of such devices. Would it be called as Microsoft Smartphone WP8?

Microsoft Smartphone
Earlier this month, information about this came from the news agency China Times, and now they were not confirmed by the aforementioned sources WPCentral. The project is classified, after the story of the Surface tablet is not surprising. No details on the exterior of the Microsoft Smartphone device specifications or release date for the source is not disclosed, but assured that the hardware it would be “something unique.”

The reasons for the release of Microsoft’s own smartphone in a few. Among the most obvious WPCentral calls these:

● The successful experience of Google ruler Nexus. Microsoft can sell unlocked smartphones, while the OEM-partners will get all operator contracts.

● Smartphone – is a backup plan in case the corporation, if the advertised product, whether it be Nokia Lumia 920, HTC and 8X 8S or solutions from Samsung, will not very much in demand by the public.

● Currently, Nokia is a major partner in promoting Microsoft platform Windows Phone, the Finnish company but there are financial difficulties. In case of problems, Microsoft needs to be replaced, for which it uses its own resources.

Another indirect confirmation that the WP-smartphone Microsoft entered the final stage of development – this increased security measures in the studio A, B, C and D. On the one hand, this is clearly linked to the testing game console Xbox 720. With the arc side, Studio C is directly related to developments in Windows Phone. So, Microsoft Smartphone could be on the way to reach the global market but nothing can be confirmed now.

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